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Best Winter Holiday Destinations - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

With summer slowly approaching (it still feels like October in the UK), its time to think about getting away in the new year. If you think you might have a few pennies left over from your annual Christmas shopping, then you should think about jetting off for a week or so in search of some winter sun.

One destination that isn't likely to disappoint is the Egyptian Red Sea Resort of Sharm el Sheikh. This holiday destination has soared in popularity over the last decade or so and is now a well-established holiday resort on the south coast of the Sinai Peninsula. In 1980, there was practically no sign of any tourist industry at all – it was just a small port town. However, in the 80’s large sums of money was invested in the area, resorts were constructed and large chains of restaurants and up-market hotels, such as the Marriott, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton, were persuaded to start up in the area, helping to begin pull in tourists from abroad.

Today, roughly 100 resorts exist in the area, compared to just 3 in 1982. Of course, it wasn’t just the opening of hotels and restaurants that led to a boom. The area needed a wide portfolio of qualities to become a major player in the tourism industry. The hot, dry climate was one major factor – as well as the miles and miles of natural sandy white beaches. The dramatic terrain, with Mount Sinai part of the backdrop, was another draw that gave the area an attractive, romantic image rather than just being another town in the middle of the desert.
Being on the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh has a wide variety of water sports on offer, including water-skiing, paragliding and jet skiing. However, it is largely via the help of world-class scuba diving and snorkelling that holidays in Sharm el Sheikh have become one of the best holiday destinations in the world for water sports. Countless varieties of fish, including reef sharks and hammerheads, and beautifully diverse coral reefs make the undersea kingdom here extremely varied and enjoyable to swim in.

Hammerhead Sharks, Sharm el Sheikh


In terms of the weather in winter, temperatures average around 20°C in December-February time, so temperatures are much cooler than the summer months, however days still have long periods of sunshine making it a pleasant contrast from the grim British winter.

Sharm el Sheikh's many virtues ensure tourism in the area continues to thrive, attracting visitors from around the world. You can find return flights to Sharm el Sheikh for under £200 this winter which is great value. So if you are looking to get away this winter, choose Sharm el Sheikh - one of the best holiday destinations in winter. 

Best Holiday Destinations - Special Feature - Chinese Facekinis

A new craze is taking hold in China.

Thousands of hipsters are investing in one of the most striking fashion accessories to ever grace the beach.

Chinese Facekinis

The Facekini is certainly a striking accessory for anyone wanting to impress the ladies.

The trend is being driven by Chinese women who are looking to avoid a golden tan - pale skin is a sign of prosperity in China. As an added benefit the facial sheaths also help protect from pesky insects and jellyfish - and for just £2-3 a pop you certainly get your moneys worth.

Just remember to take it off before you pop into the local convenience store.


I can see it catching on in America and Europe sometime soon.

Woman and Baby in Facekini

PS. If any readers of Best Holiday Destinations have any pictures of them wearing the Facekini, please send them in, you'll be bound to get a mention.

Update - its been a couple of years since I first wrote this post and still we're eagerly awaiting the big arrival of Facekinis to UK shores. Has anyone spotted any on Scarborough beach? Or Sandbanks perhaps? Let us know.

Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe

Its pretty dreary outside at the moment. But 2016 is around the corner and with it comes the optimism of the summer being not that far away! And with summer, comes summer holidays. Many of us have planned and booked our holidays already but if you're stuck for ideas, fear not. Hopefully Best Holiday Destinations can help out.

Spain and Turkey look set to remain top of the list of most popular holiday destinations in Europe for the coming year at least – choices that thoroughly deserve to be at the top. The Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, Istanbul and Bodrum are all excellent choices that are sure to offer up plenty more than just sandy beaches and roasting hot sun.  For more info on these countries, check out my past posts. I’ve mentioned in the past how Turkey took the top spot due to the availability of cheaper package holidays, and this theme looks set to continue as VAT rises, NI rises, petrol rises and salaries freeze. Cameron’s token gesture 1p off petrol certainly won’t see me upgrade my seat from economy to business. We're in dark times when a 30p a week saving on petrol is the highlight of the budget. If, like me, you’re after cheap holidays this summer, check out Airtours – a package holiday site with plenty of great deals that I’ve found extremely use friendly. Browse holidays in Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Tenerife, Ibiza, Greece and more to find the hotel, flights and destination that’s right for you.  

Ever-Popular Package Destination Benidorm, Spain

Also something to consider – last minute bookings can help save you money – although perhaps not in quite the same way they used to. But if you’re flexible on destination and departure airport then this could be for you, although could be risky if you have a family with specific wants or needs. Happy hunting – planning and booking your holidays can be an exciting and potentially stressful time so get thinking about it and keep checking back here for more info and advice on the best holiday destinations in Europe. 

What is your favourite holiday destination?

We've been running this blog for a good few years now and we've covered a fair few holiday destinations - from Austria to Australia, Turkey to Thailand. We have been to, and reviewed, so many great places, each unique and with their own qualities. It's hard for us to decide on what we feel is the best holiday destination in the world. We've been running a "Vote" in the right sidebar but the results are also inconclusive from you as well.

We want you to write in with your favourite holiday destination - you can write as much as you like, on the topic of your choice. Just tell us why you think your choice of city/country deserves to be crowned the Best Holiday Destination. We'll be publishing the best articles and will even send the winning article some Amazon vouchers to help you stock up on goodies for your next holiday.

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Best Holiday Destinations - How to Choose your Holiday

The world is becoming more affordable and more accessible which is great; the only problem is, this makes the decision of where you should go on holiday this year, and indeed which type of holiday you should take, all the more difficult. Do you want to spend two weeks sunbathing at the beach or gallivanting around art and culture filled cities? A mix of both? Perhaps you want something altogether different, such as a week spent in remote, idyllic countryside with nothing more than a nice glass of wine and a good book. Or, you might want to be get your heart pumping with an adventure and activity filled break. The choices are absolutely endless! If you’re struggling to decide what type of holiday you should take and where, have a go at this fun quiz which will help you determine what is the right choice for you, along with some perfect holiday destinations that won’t break the bank. Let us know what your output is! -->

Also remember to keep checking back at Best Holiday Destinations for more ideas and inspiration for your next holiday!

Happy christmas and have a great new year!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Best Holiday Destinations special warning to ALL SWIMMERS

Here at Best Holiday Destinations we want to look out for our readers. So we thought we should publicise the following little incident which took place in Croatia - one of our top summer holiday destinations. 

Man gets testicles trapped in deckchair

So please...if you do go swimming this summer...please try not to get your testicles caught in your deckchairs. You have been warned.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Best Winter Holiday Destinations – Canary Islands

At this time of year, when the mercury drops to its yearly lows, there's nothing more appealing than a getting away from the UK for a spell of sunshine. We’ve just passed officially the most depressing day of the year but for many the January blues still hang over our heads like a dark cloud. With much of mainland Europe being even chillier than the UK at this time of year (thanks to its lack of Gulf Stream warming) it makes sense to look elsewhere for a spot of winter sun.

And the Canary Islands, off the Western coast of North Africa, are an excellent choice for those seeking a break from the miserable dark days of England. They boast a subtropical climate, with warm winters and warmer summers although the variation between the seasons isn’t massively pronounced. Holidaymakers jetting off in January-March can expect temperatures of around 19-21°C and plenty of sunshine. Below we take a look at a few of the most popular islands in the Canaries.

Lanzarote – The Easternmost Island of the Canaries, Lanzarote boasts a dramatic landscape which has formed as a result of millions of years of volcanic activity. While much of the island is fairly baron, many of the scenery is spectacular, and the beaches are a huge draw, with the warm Atlantic Ocean making it great for a splash about. The capital Arrecife is the main hub for tourism,  and is also home to the islands airport. The name originates from the reefs offshore which are a treat for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Scuba diving in Lanzarote

Tenerife – the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is popular with a range of holidaymakers. The South and North are separated by Mount Teide, a volcano and national park which, on a clear day, gives excellent views from the top which can be reached by cable car. The island offers a few good lovely beaches including the largely artificial Playa las Teresitas to the East. The island also offers plenty to do in terms of activities and days out. Loro Parque zoo and Siam Park water park are both must-dos and combo tickets can be purchased for these to save money. Flights to Tenerife can be found at great prices which adds to the draw of this island.

Siam Park, Tenerife

Gran Canaria – another island of volcanic origin, emerging from the sea millions of years ago as a result of tectonic activity. The island has an array of microclimates but generally temperatures are warm in winter. Las Palmas, the capital, is the focal point for tourism and plenty of good value package deals can be found here. It is the scene of much of the islands nightlife and plays host to Carnival every January-February. Due to the differing microclimates certain areas of the island are extremely arid which makes for some lovely sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Gran Canaria Beach

Overall the Canary Islands offer some of the best holiday destinations for some winter sun and each present their own unique sights and attractions, making them well worth a visit.